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Curtin University
Environment and Agriculture


The Department’s main base is on the Bentley campus but we also have facilities at Margaret River and Technology Park. Our academic staff are committed educators and active researchers concerned with understanding and resolving the important environmental, biological, and food and beverage issues facing us today. The Department’s research programs are mainly directed at providing information to allow Australians to continue to develop and flourish while maintaining the quality of their environment.

Environmental Biology

Environmental Science

The sustainability of our planet and the quality of our environment faces complex issues. This is the task for tomorrow’s graduates, who will have the necessary areas of expertise and a broad, practically based training that is required to lead the next generation into its future.

Environmental Biology course information


Agricultural Science

Australian Agriculture is under increasing pressure to sustain a rapidly growing population. Future productivity growth relies on passionate, skilled graduates to achieve high calibre research and development and adoption of innovations and new technologies.

Agriculture course information

Coastal and Marine Science

Aquatic Science

The coastal zone and marine environment are under unprecedented pressures from population expansion, tourism, coastal developments, oil and gas exploration and climate change. Coastal Zone Management graduates are needed to manage Australia’s coastal zone sustainably for future generations.

Coastal and Marine Science course information

Viticulture and Oenology

Wine Science

The Australian wine industry has grown rapidly in the last decade and is now the fifth largest wine producer and the fourth largest exporter of wine in the world. The industry continues to gain market share in export markets where it competes on the basis of both price and quality.

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Agriculture and other rural and associated industries produce a major proportion of Australia’s wealth. The agricultural sector incorporates a mix of people, including agricultural consultants, horticulturalists, marketing specialists, rural financiers, farmers, winemakers, exporters, fertiliser and chemical manufacturers, soil conservation officers and many others. Some of Australia’s most successful business managers operate within this sector.

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Envronment and Agriculture